• Mixing System (Technical Parameters)
  • Model: JH - 30 Turbo Pan Mixer
    • Input Volume: 750 Liter
    • Output Volume: 500Liter
    • Discharging height: 3.5m
    • Max. Aggregate diameter (screed/crushed stone): 80/60mm
    • Mixing motor : 30 H.P

    Mixer ‘knoxe’ make the advantages of proper design, short mixing time, small consumption, low noise and fragile part’s long Service life.

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  • Electric Control System
    • Electric Control System is composed of host
    • Computer, display, communication cable,
    • Weighting meter and so on.
    • Operation and management are incorporated microcomputer proportion prescriptions can be expressed by digits,
    • Easy to recognize by users. And it can preserve several Prescriptions.
    • It has the functions of error analysis and automatic detection.
    • Without automation, manual operation can still control the Mixing plant’s batching, mixing discharging, etc.
    • Introduction of the system.

    This system has the features of advanced performance, high reliability, and beautiful appearance, etc. The control table adopts man-machine engineering and is comfortable to operate.

  • Hoisting System (technical parameters)
    • Aggregate hoisting system adopt belt conveyor
    • Specification of belt: B: 600
    • Speed of belt: 1.0 m/s
    • System instruction: Adopting high slope angle strap conveyor can save space.

  • Aggregate Weighing System
  • Composition of: aggregate, silo frame weighing hopper, aggregate
    • Belt-conveyor, sensor and so on.
    • Discharging gate: 4
    • Weighing method: cumulated metering Sensor: 1000x4
    • Weighing precision: +2%
    • System introduction: Aggregate silo adopts loader to load materials. The bottom of aggregate is equipped with gates (pneumatic) loading machine, it depends on gas vat opening and closing the same time integrate microcomputer control. When batching, material gates can twitter in order to get the scale precision.
      Aggregate weighing discharge controlled by microcomputer to make sure precision.

  • Cement Weighing System (Technical parameters)
  • Cement weight system is composed of cement weigh hopper, aerodynamic butterfly valve, sensor, etc.

    • Cement weighing system :-
      1. cubage:200L
      2. Weighing range: 0~350kg
      3. Weighing precision: =1%
    • Sensor: 500kgx2

    System instruction: Cement weighing system is fully sealed by a seal device; the scale hopper is weighed by two sensors.

  • Water Weighing System
  • Water weighing system consists of water pump, water scale hopper, electromagnetic and so on.

    • Water weighing volume: 250kg
    • Sensor: 500kgx1
    • Weighing precision=1%

  • Additive Weighing System (Technical parameters)
    • Additive hopper, water pump, sensor, and so on.
    • Additive-supply pump: flow rate 4m3/h Powre: 0.75kW

  • Pneumatic System
  • The pneumatic system consists of air compressor, gas vat, and electromagnetic value pneumatic component

    • Air compressor
    • Electromagnetic valve.

  • Cement screw conveyor
  • The cement delivery adopts full seal device there are flexible connection in discharging gate and scale hopper, so as not to damage the measure precision.

    Material receiver gate is universal fetlock, which can adjust the angle warp and keep fine sealing. There is little room between screw blade and silo, with high delivery efficiency

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