Passenger Lift

Model No. SMH-100p
Description Knoxe Rack & Pinion Hoist Multifunctional Hoist for carrying construction material & rebar.
Drive Mechanism Rack & Pinion
Max Height 100 Mtrs.
Height quoted/ reacquired 75 mtrs.
No. of Mast 50 Nos. (Including dead mast)
Net Capacity 1000 Kg. (1 Ton)
Cage Size (LxBxH) 2 x 1.2 x 2.1 mtrs full cage
Entry & Exit Gate Specially designed cage for carrying all type of material safety. Entry & Exit is provided with ramp so that material movement can be done easily.
The unique cage modular cage design provides the option for 3 side entry or exit.
Roller design & Material Flat surface of the mast square tube cylindrical metal roller ensure there is line contact instead point contact in conventional contour rolls. This ensure efficient smooth & Balanced load transfer on the mast. Roller are hard chrome plated which provides smooth finish and thus reduce friction this increasing the life of the roller. Hard Chrome plating also ensure that the roller last longer due to low wear & tear and against rusting due to corrosion.
Cage Sturdy cage with powder coated paint made form HI strength GI Sheet for cage wall. Robust MS checker plate floor for longer life and to sustain impact force during loading & unloading.
Dead Mast 1.5 Mtrs dead mast is provided at the top without rack including in above height
Mast Finish Hot dip galvanized for longer life and protection against corrosion resistance.
Mast (mm) 400 X 500 X 1508 (Triangular mast type)
Mast Pipe (mm) Front two leg are made from sq. tube 50x50x4 thickness, rear leg is made from Dia 48.8 high strength round pipe of 4 thickness.
Base frame finish PP powder coating for corrosion resistance.
Wall Tie:-
Wall Tie Internal 6
Wall Tie Finishing Powder coated.
No. of wall Tie 13 Nos.
Gear Box Motor:-
Speed (mtr/min) 0-30 meter/min. (with VFD)
Safety Device European Design centrifugal brake with advance disc spring.
Gear Box & Motor 5.19 kw X 2nos.High quality germen/ Italian make motor with one year international warranty on motor & gear box assembly.
Motor cover & Guard Drive system has been covered with protecting guard to avoid any damages any partsof drive system from construction dust falling on the gear box and centrifugal brake as per EN21259.
Module of Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion are of 6 module including smoother ride & longer life of pinion
Electric Component & Control Pannel:-
Electric control panel Electrical powder coated control panel is provided with push button for UP & DOWN, start & emergency stop inside the cage. Machine also come along with a cordless remote control with 100 mtrs. Working radius so that it can be operated either from ground or from the building. Control Panel will be fabricated from sheet metal and structural steel section and comply to IP 55 standards. It will house all control circuit VFD rectifier for DC supply relay & Buzzer etc. Electric item like Contactor, relay, switch, gear used are reputed European Make like Schneider, teleamecnic, Delta, Siemens, C&S.
VFD (Variable frequency drive VFD of Mitsubishi make of 11 kw will be used with international one year warranty. The VFD will ensure supplied reacquired frequency to ensure jerk free smooth operation of the lift during upward travel, Stop, & Downward travel operations.
Cable Length 85 Mtrs.
Motorize Mast erection Jib Yes, for faster section & dismantling.
Limit Switch and additional features:-
Limit Switches Limit switches are proven quality will be use for the hoist.
Bottom Limit Switch Yes
Top Limit Switch Yes
Entry Door Limit Switch Yes
Exit Door Limit Switch Yes
Final Limit Switch Yes
Rack Searching switch Yes
Service Platform Limit Switch Mechanical lock Yes, In case the service platform is kept open by mistake during time of erection & commissioning the machine will not switch on, thus safe guarding against any potential accident.
Cable jamming Limit Switch Yes, in case the trailing cable gets jammed during travel of hoist then the Limit Switch identify same & switch off machine immediately.
Floor selection Yes (Including)
Yes (Including) Simple & easy to use design of base enclose is provide which is made of square tube for protection.
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